Our Partners


Quiet Skies Puget Sound

Founded by Sheila Brush, Quiet Skies Puget Sound (QSPS) is the 28th chapter of the National Quiet Skies Coalition (our NSQC Congressional Caucus representatives are Rep. Adam Smith and Pramila Jayapal). QSPS works directly with federal, state, and local legislators, and is supported regionally by a strong, dedicated grass roots organization of committed community members concerned about the newly added flight paths and increased noise and emission levels over the residents and businesses of the Puget Sound region.

QSPS provides information, education and activism with a robust social media presence premised on a foundation that balances the desire for safe and efficient air travel without sacrificing the livability of our neighborhoods – our quality of life.  If you are hearing it, you are breathing it.

Sheila Brush, Founder


The Briefing Project

The Briefing Project is a year-long journalism, commentary, activism, and social media project created by Des Moines resident, attorney, and filmmaker Steve Edmiston. The Project is intended to culminate with a feature documentary film about elected officials with a choice to continue, stop, or mitigate, the harms caused to humans and the environment by noise and emissions from overflight operations.

Steve Edmiston, Founder


Quiet Skies Coalition

Also a NSQC chapter, Quiet Skies Coalition (QSC) was founded with a mission to restore the quiet skies over the greater Burien area following new and significant negative impacts from sudden FAA flight procedure modifications. QSC has since successfully pushed back against the FAA over new flights turning over Burien and continues to support the City of Burien’s litigation with the FAA in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. QSC members also provide significant leadership and expertise on a wide variety of aviation expansion issues to regional aviation-related institutions and committees, and airport neighbor cities and citizen groups.

Larry Cripe, President


Federal Way Air Noise Alliance

Federal Way Air Noise Alliance members have worked with the City of Federal Way, the Sea-Tac Airport Round Table, the State Department of Commerce Aviation Impact Study, and other community groups, and provide ongoing advocacy and public testimony on airport expansion issues impacting Federal Way citizens.