Our Mission

Quality of life. Human health and the environment. Property values, public safety, and social, economic, and environmental justice. The League of Quiet Skies Voters seeks to empower voters that live in the shadow of the 9th largest airport in the United States with information about these issues so that your voices – our voices – can be heard above the metaphorical and literal din of increased aircraft overflights.

We want voters in all our airport neighbor communities – here and around the United States – to be empowered with knowledge so that each of us understands our rights and our choices, and the confidence to engage and participate with our policymakers.  

The League is premised upon the belief that preserving and improving quality of life – protecting the health and the environment - is a value that should be paramount. That “first do no harm” in aviation expansion should not be a point of contention or debate, but a foundation principal for all aviation stakeholders. That addressing overflight noise and polluting emissions should not be relegated to an afterthought dealt with by minimal regulatory compliance with outdated standards and mitigation.

The League is nonpartisan. We will not support or oppose a candidate, or a party. We will work to provide a source of reliable information that allows voters to make informed decisions about which candidates will best meet their needs and expectations.